Recent feedback from local users of St Katherine’s Priory

I have used this amazing community facility for lots of different events family birthdays and wedding anniversaries. I also organised as President of WI in the City one of our meetings to be held there. It’s such an vital asset to our community!
Clare Dumbleton-Taylor

I attend a monthly craft group here and love the craft fairs.
Sue Olding

My family regularly attend Christmas/Easter/Summer fayres here and have always found the people that run it to be welcoming and friendly. If I finish work early on a Friday, I try and pop in for a cup of tea and a slice of the Victoria Sponge (delicious). Dave Rocky is always a breath of fresh air and lovely to chat to. When it came to holding my son’s previous birthday parties here, I’ve always found the communication to be consistent and the hall clean and well equipped. The hall/ grounds are well maintained by volunteers, however I can imagine this could prove costly in terms of electric or petrol…with the amount of grass to cut! I love seeing the little white terrier doing the rounds there too! I’m hoping there will be a hot cross bun get together soon.
Natalie Smith

St Katherine’s Priory is amazing! Such a beautiful building seeped in history and mystery. It is also very practical and a wonderful community space. I love attending the community cafe on Fridays, it’s always so friendly and I often meet old and new friends there. I have also run a mid winter event, where we used the Priory to create a ‘stage’ area for people to share poems and songs. People brought food to share and we heated up an urn to provide hot drinks. There was a very happy community atmosphere. I’m hoping to repeat this at mid summer and again in the winter of 2020. I’m also hoping to run a regular support group for local people in the Priory. The gardens are also beautiful. I’m personally very interested in the history and mythology associated with the site. This is such a wonderful asset to our area.
Clare Viner

This is one of my favourite places in the area. Magical. Steeped in history where the present and past seem to co-exist. When I go there it always transports me back to distant centuries. There is a special vibe there, a friendly community, a community space truly like no other. I love the community cafe, it’s also a great place you can hire for all sorts of events even personal parties.
Lucie Hinton

St Katherine’s is a brilliant community space. I have attended fairs, music nights, the cafe, birthday parties, quiz nights and a woodwork course there in the past two years. I am hugely grateful to the people who make it possible for these community events to run as they would not be possible or the same without St Katherine’s. It is a lovely historic building in the centre of our community and provides a meeting space that would not exist otherwise.
Claire Eichorn

St Katherine’s, with its amazing volunteers, is a wonderful place providing a venue for local groups to meet and it is a community hub. The Friday cafe, where anyone is welcome, benefits community cohesion and helps combat social isolation.
David Baker

St Katherine’s Priory deserves financial support. Have spent wonderful times there at an Art exhibition and some dog shows. It’s in a wonderful peaceful setting and is a much needed special asset for the community!
Michael Maguire 

I usually go to the summer fair and Christmas one as my sister in law attends the craft and chat sessions.
Joyce Turner

We held our son’s Birthday Party here and it was fantastic excellent help from the manager who assisted above and beyond, lovely setting highly recommended 5 stars.
Skazer Wilde

Christmas fetes and the cafe are our family favourites. We have attended many events this place is an asset to the community.
Charlotte Wreford

Our family regularly uses the space. I used to run a “parent and child” group for three mornings a week there. We attend the Community Cafe regularly. We love the seasonal Christmas, Easter and Summer events. St Katherine’s Priory is a greatly treasured asset of our local Community.
Rhiannon Neale

Where do I start! I have used St Katherine’s Priory for fetes and fairs, which are always well attended and great fun, for Dog Shows using the lovely outdoor space, for music events with live bands, for disco’s, for family events and parties, for tours of it’s history, for panto’s,for ceildhs. It is a lovely place both inside and the grounds and a lovely, friendly, and committed group of people who run it who are welcoming to everyone.
Stephanie Edwards

We love the priory! We’ve held our children’s birthday parties here, we attend regular groups here and we have enjoyed one off events too, it’s such a beautiful space, amazing garden and everyone is really friendly. I’ve recently enjoyed chatting with some folks building the miniature railway line whilst I waited for my son to finish a session!
Amy Bickford

Love this place and such beautifully kept gardens by the wonderful volunteers. The community cafe is great and I try to support it as often as I can esp in the Summer sitting in the sunshine. I have also been there for bingo, private party, afternoon tea and fetes. So much history and just a wonderful oasis of space in Exeter in what is fast becoming too studenty with awful high rise buildings and lack of green space due to all the houses going up. I was born and bred here and seen lots of changes….St Katherine’s is a little piece of history with a lovely atmosphere and always feel like its a lovely ‘safe’ relaxing space.
Tracey Connaber

We have been to numerous events and have found all the volunteers friendly and helpful. It’s great to have such a great community asset to put things on free for the community.
Wendy Bodell

I run a monthly craft group, and bingo monthly, plus helping with the fayres. The building is a hidden gem .
Melanie Gibbons

This is a wonderful community place buzzing with activity with regular coffee mornings and various events. I have attended several of these and have regularly used it for fitness classes and more recently for a wine tasting meetup group . I often recommend it to others looking to book a community space and hope to never to see it become used less or to lose the current standard of maintenance vital to preserve our history, community and wellbeing.
Liz Lane

I have used this fantastic space to attend a circuits exercise class, have held several birthday parties for my children and had my daughters naming ceremony here. Its is a beautiful building and lovely outdoor space. The organisation of each of the events has been fantastic. Would thoroughly recommend to people for a range of events.
Sam Cooper

My family has enjoyed the community cafe they run and that that have open community events we can drop into. It has helped our family feel apart of the community to attend and it’s also been a space where we have learned more of what is going on in our local area. It’s a real asset to our area.
Beanie Lawton

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